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How Is The Weather In Morocco?

How is the weather in Morocco?

With such a great geographical diversity (coast, Rif mountains, Atlas Mountains, Sahara Desert, imperial cities in the interior), Morocco has a very different climate, according to the region and the season.

As a reference, we can orient ourselves through the 4 normal stations in the northern hemisphere and then adjust them to the zone or zones we are going to visit. In the North, the climate is the Mediterranean. On the West coast, it is Atlantic, similar to Portugal but, tends to be a bit warmer. To the south, closer to the Sahara, it is more desert.

In summer, particularly in August, the inner cities (Fés, Marrakech, Bni Mellal.. etc.) and the desert can be a real oven and make your visit a bit heavy. On the coast a little less, but as you go south (Agadir, Tiznit, etc.) the heat also starts to tighten. Which is not necessarily bad!

In winter, the north and Atlantic coast have average temperatures, better than in Portugal. But in the mountains of the Rif (Chefchaouen, etc.) it is usually cloudy and raining or snowing. In the Middle and High Atlas, it is almost certain to snow and may even become a bit rough.

When Is the Best Time to Travel in Morocco?

The most balanced and probably the best times to visit this North African country will then be Spring (Mar-Mai) when there is still a lot of green and the temperature is already milder, and Autumn (Sep-Nov), when the most intense summer heat has passed.

How To Plan Your Morocco Travel Itinerary? If you are wondering where to go and what to visit! We would highly recommend that you get in touch with our travel partners. Read more on our Morocco Tours Page.

In any case, traveling is traveling and everyone knows that. And Morocco is a country that can be visited at any time of the year and offers different options for entertainment.

To see the current weather in Morocco, please click on the following link: Weather in Morocco.


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