What and Where To Buy The Best Moroccan Goods and Products

Where To Buy The Best Moroccan Goods/Products?

What And Where To Buy The Best Moroccan Goods/Products?

When you are in Morocco, you will be fascinated by many Moroccan goods and products shown for sale across the Medinas (Old towns) during your travel. And on this blog post, we are going to share with you some of the secrets on what, and where to buy the best Moroccan products from its place of origin.

Before we are going through the tips, we should have agreed that each area is known for something (Items) not only in Morocco, but we think worldwide. That is how each city or area in the globe becomes famous apparently.

Moroccan Leather Goods

Maybe in 2020, you become more familiar with the photo above (Add Tannery Photo). I am sure you have an idea where it is located. If not, then let me tell you. It is in Fes Medina (Old section of every city). If you are interested in Leather goods, then, Fes is where you can get the finest products including Babouche and Jackets.

You might want to include a visit to the tannery to enrich your mind about the steps it takes to get the leather done. We can arrange your visit in advance.

Argan Oil

The Argan trees are spread out in the holy land of Morocco, especially in the part of the high and Anti Atlas Mountains ranges.

If you happen to be around Agadir, Marrakech, Essaouira, or Ouarzazate. You will notice that there are hundreds of cooperatives along the roads. Most of these cooperatives are run by Berber women. You can get a free visit for one of these workshops where you get to see and learn the steps on how the Argan oil is extracted.

Best Safran From Taliouine, Morocco

These unique plants grew up in the region of Taliouine which is located in the Anti Atlas Mountains ( The Sirwa Mountains ). If you are traveling in October, you will see these plants flourish with purple and orange colors. If you are on a tour, definitely your driver/guide will propose you to visit the Saffron Cooperative to receive an overview of the varied kind of Saffron.

  • 1 Gram may cost you 20 MAD.

Olive Oil

Whether you are in Meknes or Fes or generally in the Middle Atlas Mountains, you will notice that olive trees cover wide areas which means it found good conditions to grow. Keep in mind that 1 liter of olive oil will cost you around 50 to 60 MAD.

Silver Jewelry

The silver price in Morocco varies depending on the season. Sometimes 1 Gram silver rate is 7.24 MAD.

Berber Carpets / Moroccan Rugs

If you are looking for Berber carpets for your interior decoration? Our range of Moroccan Berber carpets and rugs consists of unique pieces. Contact us for specific measures.


The Ceramics and pottery in Morocco include vases, plates, pots, dishes, bowls, and Tangines (used only for slow cooking).

In any case, traveling is traveling and everyone knows that. And Morocco is a country that can be visited at any time of the year and offers different options for entertainment.

To see the current weather in Morocco, please click on the following link: Weather in Morocco.


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